19.5.0 released on 2019-08-20

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19.5.0 released on 2019-08-20

Post by gregober » 22 Aug 2019, 18:17

19.5.0 released on 2019-08-20
* Removed stale comments.
* Removed need for PermissionResource.getValidLicenseNow.
* UI dev: removed unused Test.js route
* Added few more color themes
* Changed wording from "colour" to "color"
* Replaced colour with color in few places for new UI-theme.
* Small fix for responsiveness
* Updated smokeTests
* Login screen: added top bar with logo and language selection
* Colour theme included in login screen
* Fixed bug with not changing panel bars on dark color themes
* UI theme: added themes with dark top, styling fixups
* UI theme: added transparency grid for proper PNG previews
* UI theme: removed nolicense switch
* UI theme: checking for logo file size, improved UI
* UI theme: removed cropping functionality, updated logo uploader
* UI theme: logo image converted only once, on upload
* UI theme: updating by simple read-change-post
* Removed encoded logo from UiThemeResource.
* Saving and reading colour themes
* Widget for switching colour themes
* Checking license for custom UI theme
* Added "preview" button to logo uploader
* Updated logo handling
* Added permissions for UI theme settings
* Added widget for uploading a logo
* Fist step in creating UI Theme: accepting image and storing it in DB.
* Aliases synchronization: added "hostname" column to device selection table
* Displaying device hostname in block headers
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