22.0.0 released on 2022-09-12

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22.0.0 released on 2022-09-12

Post by gregober » 14 Sep 2022, 17:03

* Implemented MAC alias
* Implemented NetworkGroup alias
* Implemented DynIPv6 alias
* Fix too strict validation of alias description field
* Improve the UI of Network Group alias
* Implement ASN BGP alias
* Add support for no protocol for GeoIP alias
* Add support for various distro versions
* Fix NetworkGroup alias validation
* Add missing interface field to dynipv6host alias
* Rename ipv6host alias to dynipv6host
* Fix exception after sending modified alias to firewall
* Aliases solving form: fixed unclosable error dialog
* New alias types added to forms in UI
* UI base for new alias types
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