DHCP lease

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DHCP lease

Post by dfcipa » 11 Nov 2023, 20:11

Thank you for what looks like good effort.

I saw another post about DHCP leases and that you think its a log, ref: viewtopic.php?p=1164&hilit=leases#p1164

Yes a DHCP lease does have a log part, but to me its also an active information about a assigned device ip address and its status, so I am dissapointed not to find list with easy access to the actove DHCP lease information.

I do a lot of devices using DHCP and to find them the lease list in OPnSense/pfSense is the ideal working tool, and we often pre-assign by MAC address so the lease confirms and shows whats going on..

I also note that the Lease menu exists for other services, this may be to change later but again I point to how this information would be useful to have in an ovious place, even though I can see how a lease allocation is also a log entry to begin with.

In your previous reply you mention this is available in bottom of page, but I could not find this anywhere within logs of the version I installed latest iso off line without updates so maybe this was added later!

Please DO consider puting the lease information back where it belongs amongs the DHCP menu.

Thanks again
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Re: DHCP lease

Post by gregober » 16 Nov 2023, 15:00

You should be able to see the lease in the top right menu "Status".
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