rules match randomly

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rules match randomly

Post by sharezone » 28 Nov 2023, 16:55

before migration I am testing in lab the rules .
But already from the basic rule I notice strange behaviors .
if i create a rule allow everything telnet pings pass ( obviously ) , but as soon as i start to create stringent rules example block everything sometimes ping and telnet pass even if i try to " reset state table" to clean everything
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Re: rules match randomly

Post by gregober » 28 Nov 2023, 21:35

Here are some basic rules with firewall rules :
  1. You need to create rules on the interface where the trafic is generated
  2. You need to apply rule from top to botom so the most granular rules must be at the top
  3. You do not need to create rules for trafic on the same interface where it originates from
I am not sure with the provided exemple if I know where the trafic is coming from, and where it is supposed to go to.
You will need to be more precise with the provided exemple.

Please refer to our documentation on firewall rules: ... dynfi.html

You can use the top pop-up to translate this to most languages.

Hope this helps.
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