DynFi behind reverse proxy

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DynFi behind reverse proxy

Post by frank.weis » 18 Feb 2020, 12:58


I'm planning on making dynfi accessible through our reverse proxy (which supports strong authentication). Unfortunately this means that dynfi cannot run in the / (root) context using absolute paths.

I would need something like this:
https://reverseproxy.com/dynfi/ <----> http://internaldynfisrc.local:9090/dynfi/

Is there a way to change the context of dynfi?

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Re: DynFi behind reverse proxy

Post by Petrus » 19 Feb 2020, 11:15

Hi Frank

Not sure if I understand the "change the context of dynfi".

DynFi Manager runs in the root context, just using the IP address and port specified in the configuration. (https://dynfi.com/documentation/configu ... #ipandport)

Then you can reverse proxy the way you wish. E.g. for nginx this could be something similar (not precise code for "copy'n'paste" though):

Code: Select all

server {
        #ports and certificates here
        server_name reverseproxy.com;

        location /config.js {
                proxy_pass http://ipOfDFMHere:9090;
                sub_filter 'http://ipOfDFMHere:9090' 'https://$server_name';
                sub_filter_types "*";

        location / {
                proxy_pass http://ipOfDFMHere:9090;
		# other proxy stuff

This way you should be able to run DFM in "the root context". At lest it works for me this way :-)

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