20.3.3 released on 2020-05-14

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20.3.3 released on 2020-05-14

Post by gregober » 18 May 2020, 16:59

20.3.3 released on 2020-05-14
* Device status widget fetches cached config with status request
* Device network info fetches cached config with status request
* Changed the way of separating commands for status fetch.
* Added IPv6 fields to interfaces and gateways in cachedConfig.
* Interfaces and gateways widget: fixed gateways display
* Fixed possible lack of remoteid and localid in IPsec's Phase2 details.
* Fixed services status handling for OPNsense
* Fixed services status handling for pfSense
* RRD graph uses cached config instead
* Excluded fetching content from configs' widget.
* Adapted fetching status to OPNsense 20.1
* Reduced number of backend requests
* Updated OpenVPN status parsing in UI
* Added parsing gateways, vlans and interfaces to RichConfig.
* Added detecting unfinished migrations in the DB.
* Nicer display of protocols etc. in IPsec widget
* Added authentication method to IPsec phase 1.
* Fixed display issues for pfSense IPSec
* IPsec UI: display sas info
* UI handles new IPsec status format
* Added parsing IPsec phases to RichConfig and used OS-dependent fetching of IPsec status.
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