21.0.0 released on 2021-04-28

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21.0.0 released on 2021-04-28

Post by gregober » 02 May 2021, 12:25

21.0.0 released on 2021-04-28
* Translations updated
* Fixed connection address formatting
* Fixed false "firewall needs upgrade" messages for OPNsense >=21.1.3
* Version and updates checks now supports OPNsense 21.1.x
* Fixed false "firewall needs upgrade" messages for OPNsense >=21.1.3
* Version and updates checks now supports OPNsense 21.1.x
* UI updates to device editing page when connection agent is used
* SSH settings and backup addresses hidden for connection agent devices
* Added blocking backup connection addresses and editing SSH config for devices using ConnectionAgent.
* Added terminating ConAg session if can't connect to main or DV tunnel.
* Fixed importing licenses.
* Fixed removing stale ports reservations.
* Added migration to fix majors in DeviceUpdates.
* Added codec for InternetAddress.
* Removed checking Java version, as after the upgrade the application won't start with too old version anyway.
* Button for downloading configs bundle in ZIP file
* Fixed bug with Connection Agent pages still polling for info after user leaves
* Nicer addresses displayed for agent-connected devices - logs, sidebar, fixups
* Nicer addresses displayed for agent-connected devices - scheduled actions and updates
* Connection agent: tunnel ports range can be specified when generating tokens
* Added some permissions handling
* Moved connection agent stuff to sidebar menu
* Added checking if the reserved ports are going to be in token's range.
* Added returning first unused port from the token's range.
* Added accepting port range in create token request.
* Removed not needed console.dir
* Added few more anti-null checks
* Connection agent: fixed non-working "change port" button
* Conncetion agent: Updated error handling for next tunnel port setting
* Fixed typo in minimal ConAg suggested port number.
* Added synchronisation to adding devices to avoid overusing tokens.
* Added deactivating fully used tokens.
* Fixed setting next tunnel port in ConAg.
* Fixed parsing ConAg requests.
* Connection agent page: fixed few issues, added refresh interval
* Connection agent tokens: treat expired tokens as deactivated
* Connection agent: changing next tunnel port number
* Updated UI for new endpoint
* Fixed parsing ConAg requests.
* Cleaned writing ConAg responses (mostly errors).
* Tokens list: added quick actions
* Added missing request.
* Tokens list: "deactivate" button moved to details dialog
* Creating agent tokens: added context help to "Expires" and "Max devices added"
* Tokens list: switch for showing/hiding inactive tokens
* Added returning and updating next tunnel port in connection agent.
* Added label to Connection Agent Token.
* Handling deleted devices in "added by token" list
* Info about connection agent tokens on device create form
* Added buttons for token deactivation
* Server address suggestions on token generation
* Added expiration info to tokens list
* Added "Download" button to token display
* Added "Copy to clipboard" button to token display
* Removed jumping to primary connection address after deleting device.
* Fixed handling "delete-me" command from the agent.
* List of added devices per token in tokens list
* Tuned notifying connection agent about disconnection.
* Selecting expiration date and allowed usages on token creation
* Token generation form moved to a button over tokens list
* Fixed condition in ensuring the access to a DG.
* Added notifying the connection agent about disconnection.
* Autoshow token on generate
* Showing token content from list
* Base component for tokens list
* Added checks to ensure that the default device group cannot be orphaned.
* Added ConnectionAgentTokenRepository.
* Fixed LogsRepository.
* Added detecting incorrect VICI response in IPsec status parsing.
* Added more debug to device tasks.
* Added extra cleaning of failed tasks.
* Updated connection agent token generation form
* Added validation to create connection agent token request.
* Basic UI for token generation
* Added checking if the device group exists when creating conag tokens.
* Added deactivating connection agent tokens when removing users or device groups.
* Added deviceId to delete-me SSH command.
* Added "delete-me" command.
* Added accepting osVersion and config content during add-me command.
* Added French and German translations
* Added human readable message when user tries to remove last user from ALL group
* Added checks to ensure that the default device group cannot be orphaned.
* Fixed checking permitted device groups when validating connection agent token.
* Added JWT key validator to match standards requirements.
* Introduced adding devices using token.
* Switched Connection Agent SSH server from RSA to EdDSA.
* Added endpoints for fetching and deactivating connection agent tokens.
* Introduced generating Connection Agent Tokens.
* Made closing sessions forcibly only in case of an error.
* Added binding MongoDatabase in DI.
* Added filter informing about possible auth modes.
* Introduced closing the session right after the command fails.
* Connection agent status page displays connected devices
* Added connection agent status page
* Fixed quick actions menu display
* Added ConnectionAgentStatus resource.
* Added refusing port reservation for keys already used by a device.
* Added returning JSON also after add-me command.
* Fixed remote key index for devices.
* Replace DynFi Manager(R) with DynFi(R) Manager
* Fixed RRD page behaviour on errors
* Renamed DynFi -> DynFi Manager in backend logs.
* Replaced logo for DynFi Manager.
* Removed separate entity/collection to keep device's pre-configured tunnel ports.
* Added reading DV port from remote configuration instead of parsed config.xml.
* Added killing tunnel sessions from the device if the device is being removed from the DFM.
* Added stub for Remote port checking (when attempting to use the tunnel).
* Remote agent: added checking user's permissions and moved updating last used port to port reservation command.
* Added cleaning outdated reservation keys.
* Added updating ports reservation.
* Made connections establishing tunnels available only to pre-registered keys.
* Added starting SSHD for incoming tunnel connections.
* Added first version of parsing DFConnnectionAgent settings from pfSense's config.xml

[…] and more fixes not disclosed here.
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