DynFi Manager v.23.0.0 released on 2022-12-08

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DynFi Manager v.23.0.0 released on 2022-12-08

Post by gregober » 09 Dec 2022, 13:10

23.0.0 released on 2022-12-08
* Added units to performance checks list & csv export
* Fixed units & precision in performance summary table & csv export
* Fixed loading data on performance summary page
* Added German translations
* Added French translations
* Devices list: centered status icon
* Devices list: fixed handling of "status" column
* Fixed presentation of zero-value Gateway status
* Fixed getting Gateway statistics from DynFiFirewall
* Added units to performance checks table
* Added CSV export of performance checks data for single device
* Added status column to list of devices
* Fixed colors in performance stats table
* Fixed loading DevicePerformance widget on device change
* Changed the value of performance stat in map widget
* Fixed visual issues in performance stats
* Fixed getting OPNsense 20.7+ gateway statistics
* Fixed getting CPU/MEM/SWP for device status
* Added gateway performance checks to device performance page
* Performance checks: removed "check command" field from settings
* Performance checks: added cpuIdlePerc/ramFreePerc/swapFreePerc parameters
* Added reading dpinger gateways statistics for OPNsense <= 20.7.3 and pfSense.
* Performance checks: removed executing command, added measuring CPU idle, free RAM and free swap.
* Performance summary graph: fixed adding/removing devices to graph
* Added CSV export for performance summary table
* Added CSV export for performance checks list
* Performance summary table: added device-related columns
* Fixed navigation tabs display
* Performance: added graph for device comparation
* Performance: added columns manager and search field to summary table
* Performance checks: added per-device summary table
* Added using SSH_WENT_DOWN in performance statistics.
* Added SSH_WENT_DOWN error code and decreased SSH_DEVICE_ERROR_OCCURRED to info level.
* Device performance graph: better time axis scaling, zoom with mouse
* Device performance info: added stats widget and separate widgets for graph and table
* Added details table to device performance page
* Added device performance graph
* Added keeping declared performance check interval.
* Device status page: added performance checks table for a single device
* Performance checks table: added nicer display and sorting by device
* Added "Performance checks" table
* Fixed too big Network field in OpenVPN status
* Connection time displayed in info box on devices map
* Added option to get performance stats per device.
* Better display of performance stats in "System status" widget
* Better display of device performance stats
* Added "performance stats" widget to device status page
* Fixed performance check settings creation.
* Added performance stats to "System Status" widget
* Added "performance checks" to per-device disabled/interval settings
* Changed validation of PerformanceCheckSettings, so now minimum one MiB is required.
* Added UI for performance check settings
* Added permissions check when accessing PerformanceChecks in SystemStatus.
* Added migration adding setting for PerformanceChecks.
* Devices list: DirectView icons made smaller in quick actions menu
* Configs list: clicking "compare" button does not mark the row as selected
* Configs list: added FQDN column
* Added reading performance checks' statistics per single device as well.
* Added global aggregation of performance check.
* System status widget: device unrelated infos hidden when user is in non-ALL group
* Added detailed permissions handling in dashboard widget
* System status widget: handling device groups access control
* System status widget: handling device groups access
* Added human-readable permission name for system_status
* System status widget: handling device groups access
* System status widget: fixed devices list modals size
* Fixed displaying SSH response time in Device Status widget, when there is no proper data
* System status widget: added SSH response times info
* Measuring SSH response time
* System status widget: Added lists of devices attached to some parameters
* Updated layout of dashboard widget to fit wide screen
* Updated layout of dashboard widget
* Dashboard widget: info about number of firewalls needing an upgrade
* Dashboard widget: info about number of firewalls disconnected more than X times
* Updated layout of dashboard widget
* Ensuring user will not delete log entries younger than 24h
* Dashboard widget: calculating up/down devices number
* Dashboard widget: Working pie chart of up/down devices
* Devices up/down pie chart in system status
* More infos in system status widget
* Added system status widget to dashboard
* Added first version of SystemStatusResponse (for the Dashboard widget).
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