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DynFi Firewall v.2.00.000

Post by gregober » 12 Dec 2022, 11:56

DynFi Firewall Version v.2.00.000

Serial and VGA versions download:
All our Screencasts on v.2.00:
Release Date FreeBSD Version
December 2022 FreeBSD v.13-STABLE

What's new in version 2.00.000
  1. Integration of a complete DNS Firewall module based on RPZ filtering operated from Unbound
    • Provision of pre-integrated filtering lists with tens of millions of URLs (RPZ filtering zones)
    • Integration of RPZ lists within our interface in the Services » Unbound DNS » Filtering Lists section
    • Synchronization and downloading of lists from the graphical interface
    • Modification of Unbound to take into account these new parameters when registering the filtering lists
    • Connecting filtering to an interface
    • Connecting filtering to alias
    • Management of the generation of automatic RPZ configurations
    • Creation of RPZ graphs allowing a complete display of RPZ filtering requests by theme
    • Creation of a dynamic table for downloading lists of the most filtered URLs
    • Ability to export filtering data in CSV format
    • Improved whitelist handling in Unbound
    • Customizable blacklist of a new type
* Note that some filtering lists contain more than 5 million URLs and require a minimum of 8GB of RAM to be loaded comfortably into memory.
** : The aliases connected to the filtering system cannot contain “IP ranges”, they must necessarily contain unitary IP addresses or subnets.

RPZ Graph RPZ Graph
  1. System level changes:
    • DFConAg: fixed PHP “deprecated” error
      • Changes on the unbound compilation settings
    • Generation of Unbound configuration files for RPZ
    • Upgrade to PHP 7.4
    • Upgrade to Zabbix 5
Packages upgrades & changes:
  1. Switch to Q4 ports branch
  2. Switch to 2022Q2 ports branch
  3. Fixed Squid package and upstream on FreeBSD
  4. Added the following packages available in the base system:
    • outline-ss-server
    • n2disk
    • ddclient
    • unbound-1.17
    • dynfi-rpz
  5. The following packages are available via “pkg add” on the DynFi repo:
    • dns/ddns
    • emulators/qemu-guest-agent
    • emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions-nox11
    • emulators/open-vm-tools@nox11
    • net-mgmt/nrpe3
    • net/freeradius3
    • net/siproxd
    • benchmarks/iperf3
    • dns/bind916
    • dns/ddns
    • emulators/qemu-guest-agent
    • emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions-nox11
    • emulators/open-vm-tools@nox11
    • mail/rspamd
    • net-mgmt/net-snmp
    • net-mgmt/nrpe3
    • net-mgmt/zabbix5-agent
    • net/freeradius3
    • net/frr7
    • net/haproxy23
    • net/siproxd
    • net/wireguard
    • sysutils/lcdproc
Changes to the graphical interface:
  1. Improved French translations
  2. Fix log display for :
    • ntopng
    • nprobe
    • clamav
    • c-icap
  3. Fix Diagnostics/PfInfo pages
  4. Ajout de l’ensemble des pages consacré à RPZ
Work on the installer:
  • Improved verbosity of the progress bar in the installer
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