DynFi Firewall v.3.00.000

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DynFi Firewall v.3.00.000

Post by gregober » 29 Mar 2023, 10:28

The DynFi team is very pleased to announce the immediate release of DynFi Firewall version 3.00.000.

This new version brings :
* much stability in interface handling, NAT & Routing
* Updated DNS filtering mechanism with tens of millions of URLs classified in 60 different categories
* all packages have been updated to their latest version
* integration of new alias types
* Wireguard based on the FreeBSD kernel
* ntop and nprobe are working and have been debugged
* 2FA authentication ready to use
* many new packages available
* some of which have a nice back-end (radius)
* full translation of the firewall in French and in 20 different languages
* more than 2500 patches applied from the upstream

Where to download it ?
You can download DynFi Firewall here.
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