Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans

Get your sensitive data In-House

DynFi On Premise

40 €/month
For maximum privacy
  •  Deploy DynFi in-house 
  • Includes all features of DynFi 
  •  Seemless integration in your network
  •  Simple to extend from 3 to 500 devices !
  •  Online or offline license upload
40 €/month

Simplify management & deployment

DynFi SaaS

52 €/month
No hassle we maintain the environment for you!
  •  Full featured DynFi
  •  Available within 2 hours 
  •  Automatically updated
  • Easily scale up to 500 devices
  •  Hosted in one of the largest DC in Europe
52 €/month

Get the experts online !

DynFi Managed Services

415 €/month
We handle your devices
  • DynFi experts manage your devices
  •  Full access to DynFi
  •  Timely secure upgrades
  •  Constant control of your devices
  •  Optimized design for your networks
  •  Constant dialog with our team
415 €/month