What is DynFi?

What is DynFi?

Global overview of the DynFi software and services:

DynFi® is a software developped in Javawhich helps network engineers, system administrators, and security experts in their daily maintenance, supervision and upgrade tasks of OpenSource firewalls based on the pfSense® or the OPNSense® softwares.

DynFi has a powerful embedded front-end based on React-JS which allows you to connect to core functions such as:

  • automated upgrades,
  • central RRD graphing,
  • GeoLocation of devices,
  • automated config backup, 
  • instant status,
  • complete monitoring of devices including:
    • CPU, Memory
    • Mbuf, states
    • Disk, Temperature (when available)
  • interface mapping for rapid understanding of interface configuration


Check-out our upcoming features detailed here !


The DynFi service offer 

The DynFi software is a one and unique software which can be deployed On Premise or as a SaaS software.  
Depending on the security policy of your company you might want to go for :

  • the SaaS version which will
    • releave you from any time consuming system administration tasks
    • be readily available on a very secured platform
    • benefit from any available upgrades 
    • central log collection


  • the On Premise version which will
    • guarantee you that your data remains within your company's network / infrastructure 
    • include all benefits from the SaaS software 
    • benefit from any available upgrades thanks to our online "apt" repository 


  • DynFi Managed Services
    • comes on top of our SaaS offer (subscription to SaaS is mandatory)
    • are handled by a team of highly qualified engineers
    • include a daily maintenance (upgrades, service management)
    • rule management (
    • tailored policy definition


By subscribing to our DynFi Managed Services, you will be able to access our database of pre-configured templates solutions based on state of the art implementation of the pfSense® or the OPNSense® softwares. We will provide you with detailed network schemas available in Visio® XML or OmniGraffle®, in order for you to easily understand what we will setup for you.


DynFi is a licensed software 

DynFi® has a simple licensed based model with regular decreasing prices based on the number of managed devices.

You can choose the periodicity of invoicing and access discount for longer subscription period. 


Thanks to DynFi, your remote network configurations deployments will be transformed into a turnkey solution readily available.