DynFi® Manager software abilities

Remote Firewall Management
at your fingertips



Manage 100’s of pfSense® and OPNsense® devices from one central dashboard.


Configure firewall batches in
minutes rather than hours.


Gain unique insights into network-wide activity with the easy-to-use, interactive interface.



How does DynFi® work?

  • Central firewall management software based on Java
  • Powered by an embedded HTTP server hosting a REST-API and a web client written in JS. 
  • Few dependencies : It needs Java 8 Runtime Environment (JRE 8) and MongoDB (> v.3.4).

How does DynFi communicate with remote firewalls ? 

  • DynFi uses SSH to get access to remote devices.
  • No plugin and no modifications on your remote firewalls. 

What type of client do I need ? 

  • You need a modern browser with JavaScript support enabled.
  • You can also directly query DynFi via Its REST-API.

DynFi On Premise

  • You want to keep full and private control of your firewalls: DynFi On Premise is what you need. 
  • Can be hosted using a Linux / BSD host or VM of your choice. 
  • You can run DynFi in a totally closed environment (no outside connexion needed). 

DynFi SaaS 

  • Ready to use DynFi environment with a dedicated IP and highly secured environment.
  • Use DynFi without the hassle of managing hosting environment. 

DynFi licensing mechanism

  • You can freely manage up to 3 devices using DynFi.
  • If you have more devices, you can easily scale up and buy the exact number of requested licenses. 

DynFi Managed Services 

  • We handle your devices for you. 
  • Total privacy. 
  • Maximum efficiency thanks to DynFi

Pricing Plans

Get your sensitive data In-House

DynFi On Premise

40 €/month
For maximum privacy
  •  Deploy DynFi in-house 
  • All DynFi features included 
  •  Seemless integration with your network
  • Upgrade easily from 3 to 500 devices !
  •  Online or offline license upload
40 €/month

Simplify management & deployment

DynFi SaaS

52 €/month
No hassle we maintain the environment for you!
  • Up and running within 2 hours
  •  All DynFi features included
  •  Automatic updates
  • Easily scale to 500 devices
  •  Hosted on one of the largest data centers in Europe
52 €/month

Get the experts online !

DynFi Managed Services

415 €/month
We handle your devices
  • Let DynFi experts look after all your devices
  •  Full access to DynFyi when you need it
  •  Timely and secure upgrades
  •  Constant control of your devices
  •  Customized design for your networks
  •  Constant dialog with our team
415 €/month

DynFi in screencast

Les fonctions du Manager DynFi

Découvrez l'ensemble de fonctionnalités du Manager DynFi, gestionnaire centralisé de firewalls pfSense® et OPNsense®.


Upgrading your firewalls with DynFi

Learn how to upgrades all your firewalls in two clicks using the "Upgrade" function embedded in DynFi.


Mapping your devices with DynFi

In this short screencast, you will learn how to map your devices on Google Maps and display them in the central Dashboard and info panel.


DynFi advanced SSH connection

In this screencast you'll learn how to move from SSH login to SSH key-based authentication for maximum security.

  • Xavier Grosjean

    With DynFi Manager, we’re able to upgrade our 45 firewalls in less than 2 hours. It saves us so much time and the process is seamless.

    Xavier Grosjean / CIO / Groupe Multimedia
  • Dan Lambert

    Thanks to DynFi Manager, we’ve been able to get a fully centralized vision on all our firewalls. It’s something we haven’t been able to achieve with other solutions.

    Dan Lambert / CSO / C.N.I.