Your cybersecurity becomes dynamic with DynFi

  • + New 100% Open Source firewall
  • + Centralized manager compatible with pfSense® and OPNsense®
  • + Wide range of customized firewalls
  • + A network of resellers
  • + Support services
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DynFi Firewall : network cybersecurity at its finest

Secure your networks quickly and efficiently with DynFi Firewall: Proxy, IDS/IPS, Anti-virus, VPN
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Our range of DynFi Firewalls

Identify the firewall solution that is right for you from a wide range of firewall devices covering the needs of SMBs, SMEs, large enterprises or Data Centers
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DynFi Manager: centralized management

DynFi Manager allows you to centrally manage all your appliances based on DynFi® Firewall, pfSense® and OPNsense®.
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DynFi Firewall
DynFi Firewall
DynFi Firewall
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DynFi Firewall

Find the firewall that’s right for you.

Discover our wide range of appliances, designed to fit your needs.
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Simply control and secure all your firewalls

DynFi Manager
• A centralized web service
• Compatible with DynFi® Firewall, pfSense® and OPNsense®
• Available On-Premise or SaaS
• A low cost of ownership
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Our auto-provisioning agent handles it all

DynFi Manager
• Auto-connect your equipment to the DynFi Manager
• Immediately and securely
• In all network environments
• Without ever losing control of remote firewalls
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Set up your aliases once - use them everywhere

DynFi Manager
• Create your aliases in DynFi Manager
• Retrieve them from any managed firewall
• Adapt and reuse them simply
• Synchronize aliases on all your devices
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A Next Generation Firewall

DynFi Firewall
Stateful firewall
IDS Suricata
Squid Proxy
+ Other features
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L7 filter rule

DynFi Firewall
Efficient L7 rule sets
Optimized filtering
. Easy to configure
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Access real-time filtering

DynFi Firewall
Full firewall logs
TCP/UDP flow view
View by protocol
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