DynFi Manager : SaaS

DynFi Manager: centralized management software for Open Source firewalls

DynFi® Manager is the only centralized management software for Open Source firewalls. It is compatible with the following softwares :

Dynfi Manager can be downloaded and freely used to administer up to three firewall devices. For more than three firewalls, you will need to purchase a license whose price varies according to the number of devices managed and the duration of the subscription.

Benefits of DynFi Manager SaaS version

With the SaaS version of DynFi Manager you can:

  • Benefit from immediate deployment of your DynFi Manager instance in an ultra-secure cloud
  • Start managing your firewalls without system administration constraints
  • Ability to create notes per firewall to share within a workgroup
  • Customizable access to the DynFi Manager (including read-only)
  • Free and easy upgrade to all future versions of DynFi

DynFi® Manager makes life easier for administrators

DynFi Manager has a rich and intuitive interface that simplifies tedious administration tasks and improves the cyber security of your firewalls.

With DynFi Manager, your cybersecurity teams save valuable time that can be spent on more value-added operations.

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How to get started with DynFi Manager?

I am ready to go, what do I need to do to subscribe?

  • Go to our E-shop
  • Select a SaaS License type
  • Select the billing periodicity
  • Checkout

Allow us to process your order and you will then receive an e-mail with your credentials and a dedicated URL to access your DynFi Manager service.

graph TD; subgraph DynFi SaaS hosting environment subgraph DynFi Manager environment A ==> |Register its data| B[(MongoDB)] end end subgraph Remote firewall equipment A{{DynFi Manager Java Application}} -.-> |Connect| C([1 - DynFi Firewall]); A -.-> |Connect| D([2 - OPNsense]); A -.-> |Log in| E([3 - pfSense]); A -.-> |Connect| F([n - xxx]); end

The SaaS version of DynFi Manager allows you to become operational very quickly by avoiding the constraints of unix system administration.

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