DynFi Firewall: your NextGen Open Source firewall

DynFi Firewall at the heart of network cybersecurity

DynFi® Firewall is a modern open source firewall solution.
Its impressive list of features makes it the best solution for protecting your corporate networks.
Its management interface is exceptional and easy to use.

Effective Security

DynFi Firewall allows you to structure the cybersecurity of your networks effectively.
DynFi Firewall is a true cyber policy management system that allows you to implement the tailored security that suits your company.

With DynFi Firewall, you have the best tools to secure your networks:
  • A state managed firewall,
  • A multi-WAN router,
  • Support for multiple interfaces: VLAN, VXLAN, Bridge, GIF, GRE, LAGG, PPP,
  • Multiple VPN systems: IPSec, Open VPN, Zerotier,
  • Optimised intrusion detection with Suricata,
  • Proxy with Squid,
  • Anti-virus with Clamav,
  • High availability with CARP,
  • Choice of two DNS services with Dnsmasq or Unbound,
  • DHCP and NTP network services, …
A web interface optimised to get to the point:
  • Simple configuration of all services,
  • Optimised access to real-time logs,
  • Network flow analysis with Netflow,
  • A synthetic and optimised view from the home page.

The solution

DynFi Firewall is the first French open source firewall.

DynFi Firewall is derived from OPNsense and pfSense.