Upgrading DynFi

Upgrading your DynFi software is an important task which has to be done regularly in order for you to benefit from the latest features, bug correction and various upgrades which are applied to the DynFi software.

You first need to make sure that you have followed the DynFi install procedure.

Grégory Bernard

Upgrading your firewalls with DynFi


Upgrading your pfSense® or OPNsense® system has never been so simple.

Thanks to DynFi you no longer need to connect on all your devices one by one and waste your time in front of your screen waiting for the upgrade to take place. DynFi embedded upgrade feature allows you to upgrade many devices at once. You just need to select the devices and click on the upgrade button and follow-up the upgrade taking place in the "System updates" pannel.

DynFi advanced SSH connection


In this screencast, you will learn how to setup your DynFi system to connect to your firewalls using SSH key based authentication.
You will be guided in a step by step deployment facilitated by the DynFi SSH automated key generation system. A simple copy / paste in your firewall should be enough to allow you to have access to your firewall.

As an initial requirement, you should have allowed your DynFi device to access your firewall on the SSH port.