DynFi Manager upgrade 22.0.0

DynFi Manager new release

After months of hard work, the DynFi team is proud to inform you of the availability of a new DynFi Manager release v.22.0.0.

This release is a long awaited release which will allow one to fully benefit from OPNsense Alias synchronization feature which was only compatible with older version of OPNsense. Couple of other bug fixes have been pushed in the release.

OPNsense has very often changed it’s code base to introduce new alias types such as:

  • MAC addresses (ex: “24:58:77:2e:b8:87”)
  • Network group (combine different network type aliases into one)
  • Dynamic IPv6 Host (an IPv6 host with auto-update abilities)
  • BGP ASN (ex: “23645”)
Updated alias boxes in DynFi Manager

Table of the alias types

As a reminder here are the descriptions of the newly supported types and their respective function:

TypeDescriptionSupported in DFM?
HostsSingle hosts by IP or Fully Qualified Domain Name or host exclusions (starts with “!” sign)yes
NetworksEntire network p.e. or network exclusion eg !
PortsPort numbers or a port range like 20:30yes
MAC addressesMAC address or partial mac addresses like f4:90:eayes - new
URL (IPs)A table of IP addresses that are fetched onceyes
URL Tables (IPs)A table of IP addresses that are fetched on regular intervals.yes
GeoIPSelect countries or whole regionsyes
Network groupCombine different network type aliases into oneyes - new
Dynamic IPv6 HostA Host entry that will auto update on a prefixchangeyes - new
External (advanced)Externally managed alias, this only handles the placeholder. Content is set from another source (plugin, api call, etc)yes
BGP ASN (22.7.2)Maps autonomous system (AS) numbers to networks where they are responsible for.yes - new

Full list of upgrades

The detailed list of upgrades is available in our forum page
In order to upgrade simply :

  1. connect to your DynFi Manager instance
  2. trigger and apt update
  3. verify that DynFi Manager 22.0.0 is part of the upgraded packages
  4. do an apt upgrade or if you prefer to only upgrade DynFi Manager apt install dynfi
  5. either reboot if there has been a kernel upgrade or log to your upgraded DynFi Manager.


We would like to thank some our OPNsense customers for their patience, we know that this upgrade has been unusually long to be released.
The DynFi Manager team will be focusing on some new interesting and unique features that we hope to share with you in couple of months for the next release.

Should you find any bugs in this release, please do send them here.

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