DynFi Managed Services

Don’t take any more risks: rely on experts for your network cybersecurity.

DynFi offers to take care of your network cybersecurity directly or in partnership with your IT teams.
You will benefit from a unique expertise on Open Source cybersecurity.

Co-management of your firewalls

DynFi will use its DynFi Manager SaaS version or DynFi Manager On Premise version software.
We operate in partnership with your teams the management of your equipment according to a clear and precise scheme.

We initially define :
  1. The monitored equipment
  2. The security perimeter supported
    • The deployed and supervised services
    • The functions activated

This initial stage enables us to define a security perimeter “p1” which will be the one on which our commitments for the year will be based. At the anniversary date, the scope can be maintained or improved according to the customer’s wishes and the information transmitted by DynFi.

With DynFi Managed Services, your company will be able to face the challenges of a well-orchestrated cybersecurity.

Example of services covered:
  • Firewall configuration and monitoring
    • Firewall rules
    • Multi-WAN
  • Deployment and maintenance of Suricata or Snort IPS/IDS
  • Deployment and maintenance of Squid proxy
  • Maintenance of a geographical filtering policy (Geo-IP)
  • Maintenance of VPN services (IPsec, OpenVPN, others…)
  • Maintenance of a captive portal
  • Maintenance of a cluster / pfSense / OPNsense / DynFi Firewall
  • Interconnection with system authentication databases
  • Update of firewalls
  • Supervision of firewalls
DynFi Firewall
DynFi Firewall
DynFi Firewall
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