DynFi Firewall Naming Convention

DynFi Firewall Naming Convention

Naming convention for our software

We use the following naming convention for our version upgrade: <major version>.<FreeBSD version>.<ports version> where:

  • <major version> is the major version of DynFi Firewall
  • <FreeBSD-version> is the occurrence of the FreeBSD releases that have been activated
  • <port-version> is the minor port updates that we typically perform for security or functional upgrade purposes

Rules applying to this convention:

  • When we change the after a release deemed major, we reset the <FreeBSD version> and the <ports version> to 0.
  • We are hooked into the Stable version of FreeBSD
  • Pre-release versions prior to version 1 had a tag “v.0.99.xxx” and should be considered “pre-release” versions.

No animal names (albatross, coyote, dolphin, eagle, fox, gecko, hypopothamus, iguana, jaguar, pangolin, bat,…) or release following a calendar rhythm.

We provide our users with an “Enterprise” type upgrade system where the releases are there to:

  • Quickly fill security holes identified upstream (at the FreeBSD OS level)
  • Offer new features already tested and operational
  • Ensure fast and efficient version changes

Only one “Business Ready” version of DynFi Firewall

We only have one version of our software that is “Business Ready”!

Our work on DynFi Manager allows us to offer our customers a firewall that is ready to be integrated with the Manager without any limitations.
We have a significant technological edge with DynFi Manager, as it is the only centralized management software available today that is fully compatible with pfSense® and OPNsense®. DynFi Manager makes it easy for you to transition from pfSense® or OPNsense® to DynFi Firewall.

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