DynFi your Proxmox partner

  • + first Gold Partner Proxmox in France
  • + Subscriptin reseller
  • + Project management
  • + Cluster Architecture
  • + Advanced netorking configurations
  • + Cybersecurity of infrastructure
  • + Backup with Proxmox Backup Server

DynFi the gold partner for your Proxmox virtualization projects


Proxmox VE : Open Source virtualization

Benefit from full access to the source code (AGPL v.3 license) - without "vendor lock-in".

No license fees.

No license fees allows resources to be allocated to the acquisition of high value-added support and expertise.

Powerful Proxmox APIs

Proxmox has powerful REST APIs that simplify its integration within your IS and allow you to automate your procedures.

Deploy a Hyperconverged Cluster

Proxmox can be deployed with many hyperconverged technologies including CEPH or BTRFS.
Gold Partner Proxmox

DynFi : the partner for your Proxmox projects.

DynFi helps you realize your Proxmox projects: architecture consulting, network design, server selection, deployment and hosting.
Proxmox VE infras with DynFi

Secure your Proxmox VE projects with DynFi

DynFi helps you secure your Proxmox VE infra: check out our free guide to hypervisor cybersecurity.
Proxmox VE cybersecurity with DynFi

Proxmox hosting in the cloud

DynFi offers to host and maintain your Proxmox VE services or servers in our Cloud infrastructure.
Hosted Proxmox-VE Cloud infra

KVM VM or LXC Container

task_altrapid deployment

task_altoutstanding stability

task_altintegrated console

task_altsimplified migration of VMs

task_altshell or GUI access

Security of the solution

task_altIntegrated Proxmox backup

task_altIntegrated Firewall

task_altProxmox Backup Server solution

task_altCompatible with International security agencies recommendations

A fantastic web interface

task_altinterface quality

task_altmultiple authentication realm + 2FA

task_altlive statistics

task_altstorage management

Hyperconverged CEPH Cluster

task_altintegrated CEPH management

task_altRBD and CephFS support

task_altsimplified CEPH access

task_altcluster of 3 to n nodes