Your Proxmox-VE projects with DynFi

Your Proxmox-VE projects with DynFi

DynFi: experts for your Proxmox projects

DynFi, founded more than twenty years ago, offers you a complete management of your Proxmox virtualization projects.
DynFi is the first french Gold partner of the Proxmox solution, we will accompany you well beyond the sale of your Proxmox-VE subscriptions

Our teams have a recognized expertise on all critical aspects allowing the successful completion of your PVE projects:

  • Design and architecture of information systems

    • Initial analysis from a specification or during preliminary discussions
    • Consideration of customer requirements
    • Production of synthetic and detailed network diagrams
    • Definition of flow diagrams
  • Design of hardware solutions in compliance with Proxmox-VE

    • Study of hardware requirements
    • Sizing of customized offers
    • Hardware offer with our partners Gigabytes or Supermicro
    • Precise system rollout
  • IP LAN and WAN network expertise

    • Redundant network design (MLAG // iBGP // eBGP)
    • Logical network segmentation (including CEPH cluster design)
    • Selection of high performance switches (10G - 40G - 100G)
    • Configuration and rollout
  • Expertise of key OS under Proxmox-VE: ZFS, CEPH, Gluster-FS, XFS

    • State of the art configuration of Proxmox-VE
    • Use of ZFS and CEPH as target OS for our clusters
    • Optimization and fine tuning of OS (ZFS and CEPH)
    • Implementation of the Proxmox Backup Server solution
  • Cyber security expertise

  • MCO and Housing contracts

    • Proposal for a maintenance in operational condition (MCO) contract
    • Possibility of hosting your solutions in one of the largest French data centers
    • Possibility of customized housing after study

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