DynFi: Brand usage

References to DYNFI refer to the company DYNFI registered in the Paris Register of Companies under the reference 439 872 540 and located at 6, rue Montmartre - 75001 PARIS - FRANCE

DYNFI owns all rights to its trademarks and the various elements of its intellectual property. All Resellers, Customers and Affiliates are expressly requested to comply with the following rules and practices when using a DYNFI trademark on a web page, advertisement, social media or any other traditional or digital marketing medium.

For any first mention of the brand or product to add the ® or ™ mentions and to create a link to the site https://dynfi.com/ whenever the name of our brand is cited. This mention usually appears in the headers or title. After the first mention, it is optional to include these symbols. In addition, please read and comply with the trademark obligations and associated copyright restrictions.

Graphic and proper positioning of symbols

DYNFI’s proprietary software list provides the exact spelling that should be used when referring to any of our trademarks as well as other third party trademarks.

  • DynFi®
  • DynFi® SaaS hosting
  • DynFi® Managed Services
  • DynFi® Manager
  • DynFi® Firewall

The logo shown below may not be distorted and the colors are unchanging.

Use of Trademark

DYNFI requires that anyone referring to our products and citing our trademark provide a brief notice of ownership that must be visible (e.g., by placing it on the same web page where the product is mentioned). The notice must respect the form proposed below. This example is not intended to be exhaustive.

  • DynFi and the DynFi logo are registered trademarks owned by DYNFI.

DynFi and the DynFi logo are registered trademarks of DYNFI (non-exhaustive list):

Terms of Marketing Use of the Brand

DYNFI may authorize certain of its Customers and Resellers to use its trademark in graphic or text form on its websites, marketing or advertising campaigns or for promotional purposes.

All authorizations for use, as permitted above, shall be in accordance with the Brand Use Policy. Use of the Brand in social media such as Facebook®, YouTube®, Twitter®, LinkedIn®, and others, requires written permission from DYNFI Company in all cases.

DYNFI Company, at its discretion, has the sole right to determine the misuse by a Customer or Reseller of its brand. Should this be the case, the Customer or Reseller shall immediately comply with any compliance request made by DYNFI.

Condition of use of the Videos

Customers and Resellers are free to link to video content on our website or from our YouTube channel.

All videos produced by DYNFI are the sole property of DYNFI. Any other use such as copying, reproduction, distribution, making available or exploitation for any purpose and on any medium whatsoever may not be authorized without the exclusive written consent of DYNFI.

In case of written consent granted for the dissemination of these videos, an explicit mention of the copyright must appear as follows:

  • DynFi and the DynFi logo are registered trademarks owned by the company DYNFI.

In addition to this statement, the following statement must be included:

This video is the exclusive property of DYNFI. You are authorized to create a link to this video while preserving the copyright notices indicated here, without being authorized to download, copy, reproduce, distribute, or exploit in any way whatsoever and for any purpose whatsoever this Video without the exclusive written permission of the company DYNFI.

Customers or Resellers wishing to create their own Video(s) of the DynFi software must, prior to any distribution, have the Video(s) viewed and obtain a written distribution agreement from DynFi.

Any use of our trademark to imply that you are the owner is strictly prohibited. Use of our trademark must not mislead consumers into believing that you may be DYNFI or the owner of one of our trademarks.

Only DYNFI Company may use the DynFi® brand to promote itself on a web page, advertisement, social media, or other traditional or digital media. Only DYNFI Company may use its brand on online advertisements or social media to represent itself.

In exceptional circumstances, if you wish to use our brand or logo in advertising campaigns such as Google AddWord® ads or in social media such as Twitter®, YouTube®, Facebook® or LinkedIn®, etc., you must first request and obtain written approval from DYNFI Company.

Misuse of the trademark

DYNFI may determine at its discretion any misuse of its trademarks or logos. DYNFI will inform the offender of any use deemed to be non-compliant and will request the removal of the offending elements.

For more information

If you have any questions that are not addressed in this document, please contact DYNFI by e-mail at: legal arbobase dynfi dot com.