DynFi Firewall

  • + New 100% Open Source firewall
  • + Focused for Enterprise
  • + Smart upgrading policy
  • + Wide range of custom firewalls
  • + Support services
  • + Powerful centralized manager

DynFi Firewall designed for businesses

The ideal perimeter firewall for all companies from small businesses to large corporations. One firewall system for all your needs.

DynFi Firewall: Ready for Virtualization

DynFi Firewall is designed to be deployed on a virtualized platform like Proxmox, KVM, VMWare, Hyper-V

VPN Ready

DynFi Firewall integrates many VPN systems. It is designed to be the primary tool for managing your virtual private networks
DynFi Firewall

DynFi® Firewall : simple, fast, accessible


Open Source and French Firewall

DynFi® Firewall is the first French Open Source firewall. Our system integrates many filtering features and allows for the first time to manage a large number of your appliances. Available for free, DynFi Firewall has two images (with VGA or Serial return) compatible with most appliances on the market.

Easy to implement

With DynFi Firewall, you have a set of tools to ensure a high level of filtering on your networks. Easily configure your Firewall, IDS, Proxy. Benefit from the best VPNs on the market with IPSec and OpenVPN. Get a complete and instantaneous view of your IP filtering traces. Quickly become a network cybersecurity expert.
DynFi Firewall

DynFi® Firewall : open and powerfull

Next-generation open source firewall with pre-integrated filtering systems. Compatible with the DynFi Manager centralized management system.
DynFi Firewall

Centralized firewall management

task_altDirect access to the administration interface of all firewalls (Direct View)

task_altDifferentiated access by group of firewalls (Multi-tenant)

task_altControl of firewall services from the Manager

task_altGeolocation of equipment

Complete visual status of all your firewalls

task_altCentralized access to RRD graphs of firewalls

task_altState of all remote links

task_altStatistics on the state of the links

task_altDetection of connection problems between the firewall and the Manager

task_altTransmission of automatic alerts

Automation of many tasks

task_altLive or delayed updates of one or more firewalls

task_altCentralized management of Aliases at Manager's level

task_altIntelligent multi-site synchronization

task_altAutomatic connection of firewalls to the Manager

Custom design and multi-sites

task_altCustomize the GUI of DynFi Manager with your logo and colors

task_altOffer your customers dedicated and secure access to their firewalls

task_altEfficiently follow the operations carried out on all your firewalls