The only centralized manager for Open Source firewalls

  • + Simply manage more firewalls
  • + Huge gain in productivity and speed
  • + Automate certain administrative tasks
  • + All your firewalls are accessible in 1 click
  • + Auto-connect your firewalls to DynFi Manager
  • + pfSense® and OPNsense® compatible manager

DynFi Manager On Premise

For maximum security : manage all your firewalls from your corporate network with DynFi Manager On Premise.
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DynFi Manager SaaS

Manage your firewalls directly in the Cloud with DynFi SaaS.
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DynFi Managed Services

Share the workload of operating your firewalls with our team of experts: DynFi Managed Services.
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DynFi Manager

Manage all your firewalls from a centralized web service


Centralized Manager

Manage all your firewalls from a centralized web service. DynFi Manager is the only firewall manager compatible with pfSense® and OPNsense® software. Available as a standalone software (On-Premise), Cloud solution (SaaS) or as a Managed Service. DynFi is the only firewall management solution that is simple to scale and has a very low cost of ownership.

An intuitive web interface

The DynFi Manager interface is intuitive and easy to use. Unlike Kibana type dashboards that need to be set up, DynFi Manager is directly pre-configured to work with your pfSense® and OPNsense® firewalls. It has several dozens of real-time indicators that will provide you with a complete set of indicators to simplify the decision making process related to the administration of your firewalls. The centralized console makes monitoring and managing the cybersecurity of your remote networks simple and intuitive. Thanks to a powerful authorization segmentation system, you can delegate the management of your equipments to certain users or if you are a IT services company, to your customers.

Ease of implementation

With DynFi Manager, you can configure your firewalls in batches rather than one by one, helping you regain control of your firewall fleet in a matter of moments. You can automate updates and broadcast your aliases on all your equipment. In just a few clicks you save considerable time for recurring administration and the implementation of new cyber security policies.
DynFi Manager

DynFi® Manager simplifies the life of sysadmin.

DynFi Manager has a rich and intuitive interface that simplifies tedious administration tasks and improves the cybersecurity of your firewalls.
DynFi Manager

Centralized firewall management

task_altDirect access to the administration interface of all firewalls (Direct View)

task_altDifferentiated access by group of firewalls (Multi-tenancy)

task_altControl of firewall services from the Manager

task_altGeolocation of equipment

Complete visual status of all your firewalls

task_altCentralized access to RRD graphs of firewalls

task_altState of all remote links

task_altStatistics on the state of the links

task_altDetection of connection problems between the firewall and the Manager

task_altTransmission of automatic alerts

Automation of many tasks

task_altLive or delayed updates of one or more firewalls

task_altCentralized management of Aliases at Manager's level

task_altCreating an alias collection

task_altIntelligent multi-site synchronization

task_altAutomatic connection of firewalls to the Manager

Custom design and multi-sites

task_altCustomize the GUI of DynFi Manager with your logo and colors

task_altOffer your customers dedicated and secure access to their firewalls

task_altEfficiently follow the operations carried out on all your firewalls

DynFi Manager : On Premise, SaaS or Managed Services.

The DynFi Manager software has three types of services (OnPrem, SaaS, Managed Services). It can be used free of charge to manage up to three firewalls, for more you need to purchase a license.
Manager features
Service hosting
Firewall Co-Management
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