DynFi Manager : On Premise

DynFi® Manager: centralized management software for Open Source firewalls

DynFi® Manager is the only centralized management software for firewalls compatible with :

Dynfi Manager can be downloaded and used for free to administer up to three firewalls. Beyond three firewalls, you will need to purchase a license whose price varies according to the number of devices managed and the subscription period.

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The advantages of DynFi Manager On Premise version

With DynFi Manager On Premise, you can securely manage and backup your most secret firewall devices configurations with complete peace of mind. The On Premise version of DynFi Manager includes the DynFi Manager software and a MongoDB database.

This version can be deployed :

  • in your corporate network,
  • on a public cloud (AWS, OVH, Azure, …)
  • on a private cloud (corporate cloud, private infrastructure, …)

The only requirement is that DynFi Manager should be able to communicate with your firewalls via a reacheable IP address. DynFi Manager is a licensed software whose price is based on the number of appliances administered and the billing periodicity.

graph TD; subgraph DynFi Manager Environment A ==> |Store data| B[(MongoDB)] end subgraph Firewall Devices A{{DynFi Manager Java App}} -.-> |Connects| C([1 - DynFi Firewall]); A -.-> |Connects| D([2 - OPNsense]); A -.-> |Connects| E([3 - pfSense]); A -.-> |Connects| F([n - xxx]); end

DynFi Manager can be used free of charge to manage up to three firewalls, beyond three you must purchase a license.

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DynFi Firewall
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