DynFi Pro Support

Professional support from the best experts

DynFi offers you top-of-the-line support for all your DynFi Firewall, pfSense® or OPNSense® software issues, no matter how complex.

The offer is accessible according to a simple scheme:

  1. You choose the duration of your support
  2. The support can be used as soon as your payment is validated
  3. The support is valid for one year from the invoice date

You can then call on our services to solve your technical questions.
Support is available by e-mail or telephone during working days (9am - 6pm).

Firewall implementation support

Our support will be able to help you with questions relating to :

  • Operating DynFi Firewall, OPNsense® or pfSense® software
  • Helping to configure certain technical aspects of the software in operational phases
  • Upgrading DynFi Firewall, OPNsense or pfSense® software
  • Migration of configuration to DynFi Firewall from pfSense or OPNsense
  • General firewall configuration (interfaces, virtual interfaces, bridges)
  • Optimisation or tuning of firewalling/firewall configurations
  • Optimisation of private network configurations such as IPsec or OpenVPN
    • From a DynFi Firewall / OPNsense / pfSense firewall
    • To any type of firewall (DynFi Firewall, OPNsense, pfSense, Fortinet, Cisco, Stormshield)
    • To cloud solutions (Azure, AWS, OVH, …)
  • QoS / Traffic Shapper configuration (HFSC, CBQ, FairQ, PRIQ) and other Limiter
  • HA cluster configuration from DynFi Firewall, pfSense® or OPNSense® (CARP configuration)
  • Configuration of captive portals (portals with login/password authentication - or vouchers)
  • Configuration of ancillary services : NAT, HDCP, NTP, LoadBalancer, …
  • DNS configuration with any type of DNS
  • Structuring a filtering policy with IDS / IPS: Snort or Suricata

Support can be provided for network operations that will support external elements such as :

  • Switches for VLAN configuration
  • Firewalls other than DynFi Firewall, pfSense or OPNsense for specific VPN configurations
  • gateways for specific WAN configurations

Our support is best effort support. DynFi will respond as quickly as possible (usually within the hour), however this type of support does not include a GTR/GTI or service restoration guarantee.

If you require support with an associated GTR / GTI, we can offer you specific contracts. Please feel free to get back to us to discuss your needs in this regard.

Support on infrastructure projects

DynFi’s teams are highly skilled and can handle large scale projects in the following areas:

  • securing critical infrastructure
  • structuring a high security network topology
  • configuration of a redundant network (switching / firewalls)
  • deployment of an inter-site network with a hybrid mesh (VPN / MPLS / Cloud)
  • configuration of network stacks on OpenVSwitch or Proxmox hypervisors

Please feel free to contact us to send us more details about your projects.

About our support

National coverage with our partner network

Thanks to our reseller network, we will be able to take on larger projects on a national level.
Please feel free to contact us for more information on this.

Beware of Netgate support!

Warning: the company Netgate® offers low-end support related to the sale of their firewalls.

This support is not professional support because :

  1. It is limited to very basic questions
  2. It is limited to email support
  3. Their support answers do not take into account :
    • The design of the network architecture
    • General advice
    • Firewall configuration conversion
    • Network security services
    • High availability configuration