DynFi: Our partners in Switzerland

DynFi: Our partners in Switzerland

DynFi has a network of partners capable of implementing our cybersecurity solutions in Switzerland. With DynFi and its partners, you will be able to confidently consider the deployment of international cybersecurity projects.

DigitalCanion :

Geographical area : Switzerland  
Address : Route des Avouillons 34, 1196 Gland, Switzerland.  
Contact: +41 21 552 03 25 


Description of our partner :

DigitalCanion : our Swiss partner of reference for cybersecurity

DigitalCanion is an independent IT company based in Switzerland. Founded in February 2011 and 100% owned by its employees, it enables small and large companies to optimize their IT infrastructure by offering high quality services. DigitalCanion attaches great importance to the security of information and the confidentiality of its customers' data. This is why all our employees are trained professionals and recognized in their field of activity. DigitalCanion SA is located in Geneva, in Gland where the data center resides and in the canton of Fribourg.