DynFi becomes Proxmox Gold partner

DynFi becomes Gold Partner of Proxmox

DynFi strengthens its partnership with Proxmox and becomes the first Gold Partner of the solution in France.
DynFi is the first company in France to achieve this status, thanks to in-depth work in a number of areas.

DynFi is supporting the development of Proxmox through its involvement in : - selling Proxmox subscriptions online and offline - distributing content, notably on cybersecurity related to Proxmox - support for companies and public authorities wishing to carry out Proxmox projects - presenting Proxmox solutions at trade fairs in France - translation and distribution of documentation

DynFi contributes to the financing of the Proxmox project

By using our e-shop to purchase your Proxmox subscriptions or through our sales teams, you are helping to finance the Proxmox project and thus contributing directly to the development and improvement of the solution.

In addition, administrations, universities, schools and other government-related institutions can benefit from our deferred payment options.

We also support government agencies in the renewal of their subscriptions, in line with their legal obligations.

DynFi for the implementation of your Proxmox projects

DynFi has extensive expertise in the deployment of all Proxmox software: * Proxmox Virtual Environment, * Proxmox Backup Server, * Proxmox Mail Gateway,

For further information, please refer to the section “Your Proxmox projects with DynFi”.

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